grand opening of a shop

Build Buzz for Your Grand Opening Using Social Media

Aug 28, 20193 min read

If you’re opening a new restaurant or retail shop, you should use social media as a tool for inviting people to your grand opening event. This way, you won’t have…

old, dirty, and molded house

How to Clean a Neglected House

Jul 20, 20193 min read

If you don’t have funds when it comes to house buying, then purchasing a neglected house can be a big help. However, these houses are a bargain for a reason.…

house for sale

Breaking Bad: The 3 Worst Types of Homes (and How to Sell Them)

Jun 24, 20194 min read

Sometimes, bad things happen, and you just end up having the worst house at the block. You probably were strapped for cash that you said yes to the property near…

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